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Our Story

In southern Brazil, local cowboys called gauchos prepare legendary feasts in a tradition known as churrasco. They slow-roast meats over open flames and present an impressive display of seasonal greens, vegetable dishes and regional delicacies. The succulent meats are brought to each group’s table and carved in a show of skill and festive offering.

At Gauchos, we continue this treasured tradition right here in New Hampshire. Since 2003 Gauchos has been serving a wide array of chef-crafted salads, house-baked Brazilian cheese bread, amazing hot side dishes and of course mouthwatering meats and seafood!  

An experience unlike any other, simply turn your card to green and expert gauchos generously serve you sizzling beef, lamb, pork, chicken, Brazilian sausage and salmon. Simply turn your card to red to take a break or call it quits. Liven up your meal by ordering our signature cocktail – the Caipirinha. And remember, our entire staff is always standing by to accommodate any request.